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National Writing Project-Day 7

This post might look a little different than the previous ones on the National Writing Project. Instead of taking notes in my notebook which is the USUAL way of taking notes for me, I decided to try Evernote. SO-it’s written in note form. Because I’m too tired to change it. Hopefully you can understand it! 🙂

Daily Journals were done by Tanya and Marsha.
Tanya-Made an  iMovie
Marsha- padlet- used to be wallwisher. Sticky note application. Can upload files, links, pictures, videos

Holly did her teacher demonstration today on aphorisms.

Holly- life lessons- Exploring Ben Franklin’s Aphorisms-10th grade honors English lesson

She gave us little blue cards and we had to write down the best advice ever been given in 3 or less sentences. Mine was about life-It goes on.

Background information on Ben Franklin. Only 2 yrs of formal education. One of 17 children. Lightning rod, bifocal glasses, daylight savings time, created 1st fire dept and library in Philadelphia. Declaration of Independence. Negotiated peace treaty with Britain. Poor Richard’s Almanack. Weather, calendar. He also put aphorisms on each page. Quite funny.

Modern aphorisms. Don’t worry. Be happy.

Broke into groups. Shared highlighted aphorisms from Ben’s book. Shared our advice from our journals. Created aphorisms from that.

Scanned QR code for the 1st time to see Holly’s aphorism on toondo. Need to look at QR codes more!!

We individually created an aphorism with illustration and color. We could either do digital or paper. If we do digital then we need to print out the digital copy.

Did mine on toondo. Need to play around on toondo to become familiar with it. Can share it and print it.

The aphorism I used was one of Ben Franklin’s. ” Clean your finger, before you point at my spots.”


Holly’s lesson included small group, individual, technology. Great lesson!!

Reading, writing, research-I read some more of Word Nerds. I REALLY want to incorporate this into my day next year. Vocabulary is what my kids are lacking, and this book offers OUTSTANDING and PRACTICAL and FUN ways to explicitly teach vocabulary and keep it alive.

Rodney gave us a technology dem on hardware since we have shared all kinds of websites already.

Airport Express- $99.00- white box that converts old phone into iPod-hook box into power source and speakers for computer

Download Airport Utility from Internet -click on airport express to join another wireless network.

Mobile Mouse- turns your iPhone/iPad into the mouse for your laptop

Keynote- $19.99- application that is similar to PowerPoint but you can do more

Keynote Remote- you have to be on the same network as your laptop. Makes your device into a mouse for your laptop. This is only if you are using keynote.

Can print from iPhone or iPad to wireless printer if its air print ready. Or you can download software to be able to print. Just google it. 🙂

Apple TV- $99.00- have to buy HDMI cable to go with it. Cables are usually $40 or more. Cost more the longer the length. Obviously. 🙂

Can stream Hulu, Netflix, etc. and can mirror any apple device-whatever is on their device. For example, if you have your students create a toondo comic then you can show their presentations on the TV using the apple box.

Hotspots- take wireless with you. It’s only as good as the signal that you have on your phone. I have the Apple one with my iPhone account. It has 6g. It was wonderful when my husband cut through our home Internet line with the bulldozer. 🙂 I’ve also used it here at the NWP to connect to the Internet.

iCloud- similar to google docs but it costs.

Find my phone app- can locate your phone if it gets lost or stolen.

Mailbox app- can archive your emails, favorite,

Flip board-rss feeder that turns into magazines-would be good for me to use to subscribe to blogs-need to look at this!!!

Pearl trees- a visual bookmarking site

Solar powered charger for iPhone- plug it in to your iPhone, it will charge it!!! $11.00-OMG!!

Fastest youtube downloader- cn download videos and play them offline

Connectors- hook your iPad up to your tv

Remote- can connect your phone/ipad to Apple TV

If I want to use the Apple TV box with my tv at home, then I need a HD TV or a connector that will convert HD to VGA.

Here is a picture of Rodney showing his excitement over the apple tv box that maintenance brought in and installed!!! Too funny!


So another day at NWP with LOADS of information to absorb! 🙂



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