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National Writing Project-Day 8


Linda- Aphorisms- Cute

Rachel- Halftone app
Took pictures and screenshots of what we did.
Teacher Demonstration:
Tanya- Gamification in the classroom- we need to figure out why it’s so appealing
Role play writing- This is actually a genre of writing. Similar to fan fiction- Writing own stories on the characters of a certain fiction book.
Role play writing is taking on the character’s person and writing dialogue, then swapping with other character and letting them write.
Students had to pick a role that they would immerse themselves in for whole semester.
Doctors, military, legal uses role play.
It allows us to practice behaviors in a safe environment.
Gamers learn as they play. Writing immersion occurs because writers learn as they write. Gamers don’t listen to lectures to learn how to play the game. Learn from mistakes, knowing how to fix them, and correcting them.(Very true!!)
All writing is performance.
Habits of the Mind– learning how to think critically of the text they’re analyzing.
1. Point of view- who said it and why
2. Evidence- how do you know that
3. Connections- is there a link or causal relationship
4. Alternatives- what if?
5. Significance- so what?
Showed us examples of role-playing.
Criminal defense attorney: She put together a case file on an abduction. For what if she used the newspaper creator for her story. For final project she created an entire website devoted to finding missing people.
Someone used glogster to create an evidence board like you would see in a squad room. Crime scene photos, transcripts of interviews.
Someone created a Facebook page for victim in story. Did this over the course of several days to show his mood leading up to the crime.
They had to interview someone who actually does this role for a living. Then write expository essay on how to think like this person.
We created a padlet display from the role of a psychologist with interview/transcript notes. Put epitaph and picture of Richard Cory.
Other group: Barbie poem- my secret diary app to do journal of her thoughts
Tombstone builder.com to make a virtual tombstone-this is VERY cool
Newspaper creator to make newspaper article
Round Table Discussion- flipping the classroom- supposed to be where more individualized instructino/engaging stuff can take place in the classroom
Doesn’t have to be technology. 🙂 Can be reading information, etc.
Problem I have is that it’s still homework which I’m not a fan of.
Does your brain hurt like mine????? 🙂
This is a picture of our aphorisms that we created. I created mine on toondo. Very easy except it took me awhile to figure out how to save/email/print. Surprised? HA! 🙂


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