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National Writing Project- Day 10

Daily Journals

Jennifer- A hilarious one pager with us as the characters, a sequence of events, a weather report, round table discussion, quotation, and 3 facts about Jennifer herself.
Marsha- Cute song to tune of I’ll Fly Away
Easy writer lite app– a word type document for iPad/iPhone. Lots of options!
Jennifer did an AWESOME Teacher Demonstration
The 1st thing she did was divide us into groups of 3. She gave us 1 die and 10 paper clips. We had to make up any game we wanted and play it using this instruction slip.
Its time to play a little game.
No two groups will play the same.
What and how is up to you.
The group must choose what it will do.
Use the things that you find here.
It won’t take long; you need not fear.
In six short minutes you’ll share your fame
By telling how you played your game.
She acted as a tyrant queen and made all the decisions concerning our games, etc.
This was a lead into her history lesson about the Declaration of Independence along with her english lesson on  parallelism.
We read the Declaration of Independence and then had to create our own Declaration of Independence from her ruling. We had to structure it in some of the ways of the DofI. We used chart paper to write it out and sign it. Did this in groups. NOW I know what parallelism is-the high school teachers at my school will thank me for this because it will be easy for me to introduce this to my 6th graders!! 🙂
Afterwards we watched a you tube video of Declaration of Independence for nfl-2008 maybe? They were reading it. It was cool.
It was an awesome lesson.

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