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National Writing Project- Day 11

Daily Journals

Tanya- Tiki-Toki– it’s a timeline that you could use as a journal or something. You can print as PDF, embed on website, etc.
Gloria- wrote a fairy tale-It was  hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not to mention she’s a great writer) 🙂
This was the Alumni Refresher Day where past fellows of the National Writing Project were invited to come for a “refresher” day.
Gloria talked about things coming up including a workshop in July that will have Rick Shelton as the keynote presenter for the morning and afternoon!! He will be talking about the writing cycle and informational writing. There will also be 4 concurrent sessions with a choice of one. Oh, I WILL be going to this!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
Remixingcollegeenglish.wordpress.com is Tanya’s blog where she always posts her information from sessions where she has presented.
The future of the writing project with what Gloria knows: supposedly by beginning of October we will know if we are funded. Even if grant is awarded by federal government if we don’t get money from somewhere else we will not have a Summer 2014 Writing Project. Insert sad face here. 😦
There will be a board retreat on August 2nd to talk about what kind of plan they can come up with. Need fundraising ideas.
The presenter for the day was Michelle Chesson from Weaver Elementary. Her lesson was titled Writing From the Start-  the first days of school
What do you do at the beginning of school to get to know your students? Ice breakers? I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t really do any of this because we are such a small school that we already know the students or possibly have taught them before. However, in thinking about this I realize that I might think I know the students but do I REALLY KNOW my students? What they like? How they think?
Here are some ideas that were shared.
1. Time capsule to show different kinds of growth
2. interest surveys
3. write down their goals for the year and look at again at the end of the year
4. I Can flap where they list 4 things they CAN do well
5. telling the teacher about the area like where to eat, etc.
6. elevator pitch is where they have to tell what they can about themselves, but they have to do it in the time that it would take an elevator to get from one floor to the next.
Start the first day of school with writing. Maybe start off year with personal writing and then move into other types of writing.
Looked at Common Core standards. All teachers are responsible for writing. Math, science, history.
The anchor standards show progression through the grades.
Wordles on 1st day of school. Visual poetry that can be used for all types of things.
A power point with a wordle activity “Getting to know your students with wordles ” is on teacherspayteachers. It’s free. 🙂
Apps to look at:
IXL- think this costs money
Learnzillion- Melissa said this is awesome. Will have to check it out.
Grade cam- put the scantron type test under ipad OR computer web cam it will grade the test!
Story start
I diary
We had a nice catered lunch! Look at the napkin roses!
Rodney shared more tech stuff!!!!!! (SURPRISE-SURPRISE!) 🙂
Go2Web20.net-lots of audio online tools
50 best apps for teachers on Scholastic
Puffin- web browser you can use on an iPad to watch flash- it is persnickety though. 🙂
Photon- also shows flash on iPad.
World lands- you can scan text with iPad and converts to another language.
During our writing time we had to write a poem about the writing project. I chose to do a diamanté. Not because its the easiest kind or anything. Wink-wink. 🙂
One thing I have learned as a result of this writing project is that scaffolding is one of the most important things we can do for our students. Writing is hard people. Hard I tell you!!! And yet we expect our students to just do it. At this point I can say that this is one of the most important things that has been revealed to me and might be the biggest change in my instruction and classroom in August.
What do you think about scaffolding????

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