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This is my mountain math bulletin board. Doesn’t it look pretty? Love those bright colors.

But let me tell you a few things. Boy, was it HARD to align with my curriculum. And when I say curriculum I mean align with the math common core standards AND the math textbook that my district adopted.

4 hours people. That’s how long it took me to work it all out. That’s not counting PUTTING THE BULLETIN BOARD UP. 🙂

I’ll give you a rundown of the positive things about mountain math:

1. Spirals so that no skill is ever forgotten. In my opinion this is the way to go with math. Well, really with everything.

2. Cards are done for you. Sure you could make up your own kit (which I was tempted to do about each hour!), but who wants to do that?

3. Colorful. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that color draws me in. Love it. Can’t help it.

4. Friendly customer service.

Now for the negative things. And I really do hate putting this out here, but it’s got to be told so that if YOU buy a kit, you’ll know what you’re getting. And they may not bother you. 🙂

1. The 6th grade kit was not common core aligned so you could buy extensions that MADE it common core aligned. Well, um, no not really!!!!!!!!!! Out of the 6 extensions (8.00 each) only 3 are 6th grade common core. Right. Not happy. And not ALL common core standards are in the kit. No inequalities. No other stuff-I can’t remember what else. So it’s STILL not common core aligned completely!! 

2. No answer keys are provided. Ok, maybe I’m being unrealistic here. Am I? 

With that being said, I am glad I bought the kit because I’m thinking it’s going to benefit my students so much. Hopefully. I’m sure they will be delighted to have more “math practice”. 🙂

Now this is what I have left to do.

1. Retype the question sheet that will be given to the students in my order.(Before school)

2. Number the cards easiest to hardest for each problem set.(After school starts)

3. Make answer keys. (After school starts)

Here’s the Mountain Math website.

Have you ever used the spiraling concept in your classroom?

6 thoughts on “Mountain Math

  1. Wow I would be really annoyed if they claim it’s CC aligned and then isn’t. That’s a big deal if people purchase it thinking it is. I personally cannot believe they do not provide an answer key. Of course you can figure the problems out, but a key should be provided. Glad you have been able to make it all work for you. I have seen Mountain Math before and thought about purchasing it because I think it’s important to review skills throughout the year. Love the bright colors too.

    • Sherrie,

      Yeah there was a little annoyance on my part. 🙂 The answer key is going to kill me because this is my 1st year in math. Then again I guess I’ll know how the students feel!

  2. We use Everyday Math in our district. And it spirals. The thing that gets me with spiraling is that some kids don’t get it (or master it) before we move on to something else. Then they forget about it until it comes up again…..and then later again. The good thing is that they do see it later in the unit. I have the MM kit for 4th grade. I haven’t ever used it. Since they took my Accelerated Math program away, I was thinking of doing MM and getting the online version of it. What are your thoughts?

    • Teresa,

      This will be the 1st time I’ve used MM, but my coworker SWEARS by it!! Her math scores are always at the TOP! One year she brought their scores up from around 54% to 94%, and she attributed that to:

      1. Mountain math (never dropping a skill)
      2. Teaching explicitly
      3. Having them work problems with partners before on their own

      So, yes, I think you should dig it out and try it! Then let me know how it goes! 🙂

  3. I would be annoyed with it not being aligned to the CC either…& no answer key?!? Whaaaat?! Not cool.

    My district uses CPM (College Preparatory Mathematics) from grade 6 on…it spirals too which as a teacher & a new math coach I really like. It helps with the retention of skills creating a stronger foundation on which to build in my opinion.

    • Oh I’m glad you said it does help. One of our math teachers swears (well maybe not swears!) by Mountain Math. I’m hoping it helps us- I mean the kids! 🙂

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