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Cool place for name art

I’m trying to make it OUR classroom this year. One way is to delve out more responsibility to the students in their learning, classroom jobs, etc.

Another way is to make them feel like it is OUR classroom, not just MY classroom. So the first week of school I had them make name art pictures. And then I put them on our ceiling tiles. 🙂

I was not scared at all climbing the ladder, gazing upward toward the sky, while at the same time holding 4 pushpins and a sheet of paper. (Insert sarcasm here)

But the kids think it’s SO cool. And so do I. 🙂

Worth it!


6 thoughts on “Cool place for name art

  1. That sounds fun! Sorry you were the one who had to climb the ladder… That’s why you do these things last period, then you can rope in some janitorial help when the kid’s aren’t looking, lol. 🙂

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