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Not enough time

Note to self:

Allow LOTS of time for discussion in history!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure if this will be the case for every topic, but we could NOT stop talking about the Transcontinental Railroad today!!

And you know, looking back on it now, I don’t think we ever reached our objective-to learn about the impact on our country at that time. Nope. We got carried away with how workers were treated and how they built it from both sides of the country to meet in Utah.

How did they secure the gold and silver spikes at the meeting point so they wouldn’t get stolen?

What did the 2 locomotives do after they traveled and met in Utah?

We had so many question (that’s a good thing), and had so many ideas and opinions (that’s a good thing) that our history time was up before we knew it.

So we will see if this proves true with each topic in history this year or if they just became fascinated with this one!! 🙂

LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Not enough time

    • Fran,

      This is actually the 1st time they have has lots of questions. Now that I think about it, I wonder if it had a little to do with the fact that I was sitting WITH them in a desk and not standing in the front of the room? Hmmm….

      • The power of reflection . . . And now you have your own question to answer! I love that you are using a narrative for “know / wonder” – same talk just a different format!!!

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