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Treading Water

Yup! That’s me! Just trying to hold my head above water right now. Teaching all subjects in 6th grade, my tendency to procrastinate, along with my desire to have fun in the classroom=treading water and praying to stay afloat. 🙂

So with that being said in this EXTRA long blog post, I give you this image:

That’s me right now. I know it LOOKS like I’m performing water ballet. 🙂

But I’m not. I’m performing “I will not drown, I will not drown.”

Hey-I’m still good for my blogging challenge though. 17/17 so far!

Let’s not talk about quality posts…..

3 thoughts on “Treading Water

  1. Hi Shannon. I am now in a self contained classroom! Could you please share with me what your daily schedule looks like? I love your blog!!!

    • Dana-

      I’ll be glad to share my schedule!

      I’ll write a post about it sometime this weekend! Then I want you to share yours! I feel like we hit the ground running every day!!! 🙂

      • Thanks. Our school just had a major schedule overhaul! We actually start the new schedule on Nov 11th. I have a few days to play around with it. My partner teacher is actually going to cover the math and I will take his social studies. The remainder of the day is self contained! Last year I only taught ELA. I haven’t been self contained since I taught kindergarten a few years ago. Then, I moved to 6th grade and I discovered your blog! You do a great job girl! Thanks for sharing. You are a godsend. lol

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