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I’ve been thinking…..

Actually, to say I’ve been thinking is an understatement! I do that all the time. πŸ™‚

But- I’ve been thinking more than usual! About all things related to teaching. There’s so much I want to do this year with my 6th graders, but I’m really doing a pretty good job taking baby steps.

However- now I’ve got something brewing in my mind that I just can’t let go of. It has to do with testing, grades, choice, and independence.

Here’s my rough draft plan that has formulated in my mind:

Fridays are our heavy testing day. Math test, spelling quiz, reading assessment. I’m also going to add history in since I can’t seem to figure out a definite way of getting 6 grades in history each 6 weeks (which is required for all subjects).

So back to my plan.

I’m wanting to make Fridays more of a set your own agenda and work at your own pace kind of day.

I might create a guide sheet to give to the students on Friday mornings with assignments that are due by the end if the day. Then let them plan their own day. With a little guidance and nudging and support if needed.

With built in free time for them to CHOOSE what else to explore, read, learn, do.

Ok- that’s as far as I’ve gotten with my plan. πŸ™‚

I’m wanting to implement it NEXT Friday so stay tuned for a final copy of:

“Shannon has lost her mind even more!”

4 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking…..

    • Thanks Barbara!

      There’s some messy learning going on in our room right now, but I see more engagement and learning lately than I’ve seen in 3 other years of the upper grades!

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