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Running Streak Continues

It’s still alive. 5 consecutive days of running. 🙂

It was just a mile-11:36, but it counts. Then I ran .3 more waiting on my husband to pick me up!

A far cry from my days of knocking out 3-4 miles all the time! And it’s hard to believe I ran 9 miles without stopping one time and even ran (with walking) a half marathon in February.

I. Miss. Those. Days.

It’s amazing how much ground you lose when you stop running consistently.

Maybe this “run like zombies are chasing you” challenge that I joined on Facebook was just the thing I needed to get me back on track. Ha- track, get it? Lol!

And so this concludes my 5th day of running and my 35th day of blogging.

Night y’all!


3 thoughts on “Running Streak Continues

  1. I know what you mean about losing your running strength when you stop running for a while. I ran in the Zombie 5k run yesterday and it was awesome. Mind you though, I haven’t ran in 1 month! I was laughing so hard and screaming so much that I forgot about the whole running part. Many times, I was sprinting just to get away from the zombies. Good luck to you!
    Whole Brain Teaching in the Ladybug Club

    • Laken,

      First let me tell you that I absolutely love your name!! 🙂

      I want to run in a zombie 5k but haven’t found one close by yet and have also wanted to do a mud run of some sort.

      I’m signing up for a moonlight run later this month that I ran last year- it was neat!

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