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I will never stop learning!

I’m a life long learner.

I have decided that I will never stop learning. I don’t think I will ever want to stop. I just signed up for an e-learning class that my state, THANKS ALABAMA, offers. I’ve taken several of these courses over the past several years.

The one that I signed up for is Teaching Middle School Writers. Oh, boy! Just what the doctor ordered! šŸ™‚

Just in the 1st postings of the 1st session I am already learning new things and reinforcing my beliefs about writing instruction.

I’ll be sharing along the way, so get ready. šŸ™‚

I’m a life long learner.

Are you?

6 thoughts on “I will never stop learning!

  1. I look forward to reading you future posts. I too am a life long learner. I figure when I decide I no longer want to learn it will be time for me to hang up my teaching degree.

  2. Shannon, if you ever get a chance, take ProjectGLAD. It’s the best class EVER. In fact, I just finished a nine credit (I don’t even need the credits and I took it) class for a year and it was a HUGE success for me as far as my teaching strategies, enthusiasm and all that goes. The regular class is two days with instructors with an overview of strategies. Next you take four days watching them teach students. Yes! You watch. How COOL is that? You get to see it all in action. Anyway … worked for me. I’ll be teaching forever and having this class helped me come alive again! (with teaching) Aloha! Cindy

    • Cindy,

      That sounds like the best class ever- watching other teachers teach is the kind of modeling that we all need and unfortunately don’t ever really get!!!!

    • Marion,

      I sometimes feel like other teachers ridicule me, but I don’t think of my job as as a job- I think of it as my passion!!

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