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Sweet baby!

This is a long story that I will condense for you into a short story!

My daughter had a boyfriend. Boyfriend has little sister. Mama (that’s me) falls in love with little sister. Boyfriend and daughter break up. Mama (that’s me) goes through grieving process. Misses the little sister. Very much. Sees her at different places- ball games, etc. she smiles at me but keeps her distance.

Fast forward to now- almost 2 years after THE BREAKUP.

I’m at the football game tonight and guess who I see? That’s right- little sister! And guess who falls in love with me? That’s right- little sister! Aaahhh- true bliss! 🙂

I’m not sure if I have ever felt such a bond with a child that wasn’t my own!

I got lots of hugs tonight!!

Here’s the sweet baby!


My life is complete. 🙂

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