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Wish I Could Run Everyday

Why can’t I run everyday?

Why don’t I run everyday?

I mean, I feel SO good when I run!

And I used to run A LOT!

But now I let things get in the way: laziness, being tired, people, work, etc.

I want to be that runner that I used to be. The one that put running ahead of everything else. The one that felt super all the time. The one that weighed 126 at one point.

I want to be that runner again.

I will be that runner again.

Here’s the 1st step in that direction!


8 thoughts on “Wish I Could Run Everyday

  1. I hear you! I haven’t run in months, and I’m trying to break back into it! I’m trying to think of what I *used* to do to motivate myself…

    Either way, I hope you find the time—it sounds like it’s something you really enjoy!

    • Nikki,

      I used the couch25k program. It gives you a training program that eases you into running 3 miles over a 8-9 week time period. It’s awesome!!

      I was able to run the 3 miles at the end of 7 weeks!!

      Check it out!!

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