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Book Character Day

We dressed up as a book character today. 15/17 of my 6th graders participated which I thought was pretty good!

I was Slim from Hank the Cowdog, and my husband brought one of our cowdog a to school as Hank! 🙂

Forgot to get a picture of him, but here we are.


I would say we had a great day, but I wouldn’t know. I already had to leave at 11 to get to Perdido Beach for a meeting at 6. But 1st thing this morning I found out I was supposed to be at a common core meeting at our central office from 9-11.

Let’s just say that today was VERY stressful. And after a 275 mile drive down here, a 2 hour meeting, and supper- I’m done!

Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Book Character Day

    • Me too!! It won’t be long before they won’t dress up and do things like this! I’m taking advantage of it while I can!

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