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2 thoughts on “Fall Into Learning Bulletin Board

  1. Looking good! December will be even better!

    Btw, I just came across your site, and I love it! As an avid runner myself (I just did a Tough Mudder a few months ago) there was a ton I could relate to!

    I was hoping that I could write a guest post for your blog—perhaps something about how running can build team spirit, or something like that?

    If that sounds like a good idea, please let me know—I’m at matt@teambuildingactivitiesforkidscentral.com.

    And—good luck with the bulletin board! I’m sure you guys will knock it out of the park.


    • Matt-

      I would LOVE for you to write a guest post on my blog!! I’ll try and email you this week to set it up. I’m at a conference right now. 🙂

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