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My creative girls

I am loving my creative and independent girls this year in my 6th grade class. There are only 4 girls among 14 boys! 🙂

3 of the 4 are very shy and quiet. They are all so creative!

Last week I was out for 1 1/2 days for a conference. One of the things they had to do was create some type if graphic organizer on labor unions for history.

They decided to use popplet, which the whole class had used a couple of weeks ago. Popplet will only allow you to make 5, and then you have to pay.

SO….my girls created their own account, made their graphic organizers, and write notes to me giving me their usernames and passwords so I could grade them!

I was so proud of them for being innovative!

Here’s the envelope that was on my table when I returned to school. It contained their cute little notes!


THIS IS WHY WE TEACH! To be able to watch them become independent learners and thinkers!

2 thoughts on “My creative girls

    • Susie-

      Good grief-you have a big class! Our 5th grade teacher has 31 students this year. Yes, I am blessed. 🙂 My last year of teaching Kindergarten, I had 26. Whew!

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