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Graded Papers Situation

I need help figuring out something so please weigh in with your opinion.

It is customary practice in our elementary school to send home graded papers once a week for the parents to look at, sign, and return to school. Parents can also see their child’s grades on our INOW site. I don’t think I have too many parents that do that, however.

Here’s my dilemma.

If I wait and give graded papers back all at one time in a packet it is impossible to go over them with the kids, and since I’m allowing retakes this year on anything, I feel like there’s too much of a delay for them to see what grade they made in each thing. Plus, then they may have several things they want to redo.

But if I give out graded papers one at a time- like English one day, math the next- then it would be a nightmare collecting them back with parent signatures. I already have to keep up with who doesn’t bring them back in a timely manner.

I’ve mentioned not sending them home at all since they can be viewed online, but the other teachers say the parents want to see them to go over them with their child. Actually, I’m pretty dubious about this for most parents.

So I need some kind of system that is good for everyone.

Any ideas???

Who ever knew that teaching would require SO MUCH THINKING??!?!? šŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Graded Papers Situation

  1. That does sound tricky, and a lot of unneccessary work.

    What if you sent the FINAL graded papers home to be signed? If students want to re-test, they have to do it within x amount of time before it’s sent home to the parents. You could even package the re-test with the test, so that parents can see their child did better.

    Just an idea! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks everyone for suggestions and ideas on the graded paper issue. I’m still stuck right now. And I’m so tired of thinking. šŸ™‚

  2. Here is what I do. We grade most things together in class so students can see how they did right away. I collect, put in grade book, and put in a hanging file so kids can pick up their own work. If someone needs to redo, I give it directly to the student.

    I go over project and test grades with the kids, then recollect grade sheets to send home. They have one week from when they come home to make corrections to the tests. No corrections to projects, they are long term and have had a scoring rubric from the beginning.

    We have online grades also – introduced to families in our 5th grade. We go over at open house and encourage checking once per week. When we get comments about “I didn’t know my child….” we respond with “It has been on the computer since…” A lot of parent training, but worth it. We do not require that any papers/tests are returned with signatures. You may not be able to do that with your school, but it sure saves me headaches.

  3. I don’t even know what to say … getting parent signatures back every week without nagging the students and calling home is a lot of work! Your school might consider having an Large Manila Envelope, with a place for parents to sign on the front, go home each week with school announcements and class papers inside the “Thursday Envelope.” The parents can sign the envelope each week and the student returns it on Friday. (or whatever day) You can write on the low graded papers, “Study and redo for a higher grade!” or something like that. I’m glad we don’t have to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sounds a bit nightmarish all around. While the parental involvement is nice, I question the impact. Short term, could you have students choose the work they take home. Sort of a portfolio. You could set the criteria as to what needs to be included. That way students are involved in the process and can address what is not in the packet and why with their parents. Perhaps there could be a form they fill out explaining missing pieces. As a long term solution, would your school ever consider surveying parents about it? Perhaps it’s time for a change. Good luck with this.

    • Actually it’s not my school that mandates this- but the parents are used to it because all of the other teachers do it.

      I don’t know what I want to do. My school atmosphere is so very traditional at this point-worksheets, teacher lecture, etc. I’m tired of trying to be different. Like really tired. šŸ™‚

      • If your school doesn’t mandate this, don’t do it! Don’t require a parent signature. Send the papers home when you’re ready. šŸ™‚

  5. I’m totally with Cindy. My 6th graders take home papers. End of discussion. No need for signatures or returning. What a waste of your valuable teacher time to have to account for all of that. Change the culture if you don’t like it. For second marking period, tell parents that papers are going home, no signatures needed. That’s part of giving more responsibility to your students.

    • Marion,

      Not that I’ve ever had to prove anything, but what if I need to show parents at some point their work they did for a grade? I guess that would just be between the parents and their kids?

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