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Character Comparison Across Texts

Remember my last post? I’m SO tired-I’m overwhelmed-YADAYADAYADA…. 🙂

Well, guess how I got rejuvenated today?

No, not by getting a new student right in the middle of the year. 🙂

No, not when the speakers fell off of the overhead projector in the ceiling VERY close to Emma’s head. 🙂

No, not when I took class time this afternoon to type up an agenda for our common core meeting after school. 🙂

Yes, when Jonathan ( one of my reluctant readers) said as he was reading Babymouse-“Mrs. Shannon, Felicia is JUST like Claire in Out of My Mind!!!”

Oh, YES!!! THIS is why I teach!! 🙂

What an AWESOME comparison of characters across texts!!!

And just so you know:

I have NOT explicitly taught character analysis. I have NOT had my students fill out worksheets on character analysis.

I HAVE read aloud 2 novels so far this year almost daily. And we have done A LOT of thinking and talking about these stories. The characters. Their actions. Events. Our feelings. Our thoughts. In an “informal” way!

And look at the payoff! Better than the lottery. 🙂

Ok. Now you can go back through this post and count the smiley faces. If they total up to more than 3, that means I’m super happy! 🙂

Thank you, Jonathan, for confirming that all of the conversation that has been happening in our classroom this year has been worth it!! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!


6 thoughts on “Character Comparison Across Texts

  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m super happy for you! I love how you’re teaching character analysis!

    Because of YOU I have gone back to reading aloud to my 6th and 7th grade Language Arts classes! And guess what I’m reading … Out of My Mind! Today was the first day. I stopped and asked what this and that was, “Simile! Alliteration!” We talked about Melody. Thank you for all your posts to remind me of how important reading aloud is! OH! I have a reluctant reader. I gave him The Bully Book that I WAS READING! (Went home and bought it on my Kindle. Just HAD to finish that book!) He’s on page 60 today! He loves it! I told the author on Twitter. The author says he will Skype with my class. I’m going to get others to read that book and take him up on that. Yes, teaching is up and down and ALLLL around! Keep it up, Shannon. You Rock!

    • Oh, Cindy, you are awesome!!! 🙂

      I think if I had to name ONE thing this year that I have chosen to do that so far has made the most difference and that I NEVER want to give up-it would be our read aloud time!

      It is SO informal. They don’t realize how much they’re learning. Obviously, I didn’t realize how much they were learning!

      I think my next step is to guide them through writing a character analysis and nudge them to do their own when independently reading.


      • Thank you, Shannon!!

        Let us know how your guidance goes on having your class write a character analysis. When I was reading aloud today, I had them use their marble tablet and write any notes on the characters they wanted or just draw whatever this story reminded them of, etc. Kept them busy and thinking. When they shared, most had written everything they could about Melody. Very cool!

        Have a GREAT rest of the week. Thanks again for inspiring me to get back to reading aloud. I didn’t do it last year or this year until now … (new school, colleague didn’t do it, etc. but I’m back!


        P.S. Don’t require parent signatures on papers going home! (Unless you want to of course.) It’s crazy to keep on top of! You’ve got better things to do like grade papers and plan your next exciting lesson. I used to require a parent signature on reading logs. Yuck! Chase and nag. Gave both up after reading The Book Whisperer!

      • Cindy-

        I need to show my students how to doodle/take notes during read aloud! Thanks for reminding me! 🙂

        I’ll keep you posted about the writing on characters.

        Yeah, I’m SERIOUSLY thinking that if parents want to see what their child does, maybe they can look in their notebooks which are an ongoing portfolio….. 🙂

  2. LIghtbulb moments … better than the lottery! LOVE that. Yay … that’s so great. Earlier this year when we were reading The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig, I had a second grader tell me “That’s just like me when I was in Kindergarten.” I kept hearing it all day long!

    • Barbara,

      Those are the moments that make it all worth it! Now if I can get the other 17 to “see” the same thing. Teehee!

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