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History Essay Rubric

As some of you may know by now, this is the 1st year I’ve really tried to teach writing. And I know I’m still not doing it like I should be. But I’m doing better than if I weren’t teaching it at all! 🙂

I’m also trying to have my kids write in all areas(ok,math is getting the shaft…).

I decided to bite the bullet and teach the essay format. So we write one together before I asked them to write one in history. Then after they wrote one in immigration and labor unions, we made a rubric together. Yes, I think we should have done the rubric BEFORE writing the essay. Lesson learned. 🙂

BUT- I did let them revise anything they wanted to using the rubric.

Here’s the rubric we created together:


I know. I need to take a class on how to write on a dry erase board!

I’m thinking maybe we need to create a rubric together before each type of writing we attempt. What do you think??

Do you use rubrics? Do you teach essay writing?

Do you teach writing?

2 thoughts on “History Essay Rubric

  1. I teach 6th grade Language Arts. I do teach essay writing. I’ve tried it two ways and found that it depends on the kids I have. Last year I had my students write an essay to get a feel for what they already knew. I put an essay on the board and then we de-constructed it into its 5 paragraphs using an outline or graphic organizer. The students did the same with their essays. They could see where the holes were filled them in then re-wrote their essay. Yes I use rubrics. We are an IB school and are required for their IB grade to use their rubrics, modified to our needs. Students do much better if they see the rubric, an example of what is the best essay (highest score) and then they can use it to check their own work before turning it in. Some of my rubrics have three score slots. The student scores their own essay, a peer scores it, then I score it.

    • Sandra,

      I love how your rubric has 3 score slots for their own score, peer, and yours!!!! I am definitely going to add this! And even though I had written an essay in front of them with their help, I had not shown them any other examples- I’ve got to get better at this!!

      What is an IB school?

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