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Math Laughs

This post is for anyone who needs a good laugh!

First of all, they were working with partners and in groups throughout math today. At one point one student summons me over by raising his hand and saying VERY excitedly,” Mrs. Shannon , come here- I got it, I got it.”

I head over to him. Bend down and ask him what he’s thinking, to explain it to me. He stares at his whiteboard. Doesn’t say anything. So I say again-what are you thinking. He starts laughing. Says I’ve put him on the spot. I start laughing and say,”You’re the one who called me over here!”

We both laugh a good one at that.

Then I start videoing them working in groups. I have to say this is the funniest video I’ve gotten so far this year!

Notice the last boy on the right. So. Matter. Of. Fact. šŸ™‚

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