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#Nerdlution Fun!!

I have given in to the #nerdlution challenge put forth by my twitter comrades.

You can read about it HERE with Chris’s  awesome post explaining what it is! Basically, it’s a 50 day challenge to do something everyday that MAKES YOU HAPPY!

I borrowed the chart idea from Michelle after her blog post. Unfortunately, I’m not an artist. 🙂


Yes, I know rulers have been invented. But I’ve never claimed to be a patient person OR a perfectionist!


Here’s how I will be recording my daily doings.

Oh, and for the record- my goal is to do AT LEAST one of the 3 things I’ve chosen on a daily basis. Not necessarily all 3 in a day. Keeping it stress free! 🙂

I chose writing because:

My time this past summer spent with the National Writing Project made me realize that I like to write. I just don’t make time to do it.

I chose movement because:

I NEED to get back in the swing of running consistently since I love how running makes me feel.

I chose cleaning because:

I. DON’T. LIKE. TO. CLEAN. and maybe this will force me to do it in tiny increments.

Join in the fun! OR just follow me during my #nerdlution stretch. 🙂

10 thoughts on “#Nerdlution Fun!!

  1. Shannon, Thanks for the link to my blog and I love your chart. It looks great! I like that you are keeping it stress free. That’s important. My promise to myself is to be kind to myself…even when I don’t accomplish what I want. So glad you’re in the nerdlution too!

  2. Hi Shannon (from one NWP Nerdlution friend to another).
    I like how you and others are setting up charts. I’ve never been all that good with the art element of my creativity — drawing, and such — and it can lead to some funny moments with my sixth graders as I try to draw something. Ack. I always tell them that in projects, the quality of the artwork doesn’t necessarily count but effort and attention to detail in their art does. Then, I have kids who hand in these amazing artistic projects that just blow me away. It reminds that of the strengths and weaknesses we all have, and how best to leverage those skills. I can write up a storm. I can compose music. But I could not draw that bowl of apples and bananas if you were going to pay me (well, how much? That might motivate me).
    Good luck with the chart and your efforts. We’re all cheering everyone one.
    PS — you are the second stop for my own Nerdlution: 50 comments/50 blogs/50 days. Thanks for being here for me to write to!

    • Kevin-

      We must be kindred spirits in the drawing ability (or lack of) department!

      When I taught Kindergarten, THEY even laughed at my drawings!! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I gave in to the #nerdlution challenge also, and it led me to your blog. I too am a teacher who enjoys writing but doesn’t make time to do it, loves how running makes me feel, and hates cleaning. I look forward to following your progress in the challenge.

  4. I want to join the #nerdlution! Only I will be late joining the challenge because right now I’m just attempting to not hyperventilate. Or maybe that will be my goal. CHILL OUT. I should have gone to the gym cause then I’d feel better (which is not to make it sound like I’ve been going consistently!) but it was “too hard” to find the bag/box where my workout clothes were. My packing is not that organized. 😛

    • Angie-

      Hahahaha!!! At least you have moving as your excuse. I don’t have one!!

      I was going to run this afternoon- nope- ate half a pizza!

      And you can make #nerdlution ANYTHING you want it to be!! 🙂

      How about this? Every day you are going to sit and stare at your boxes for 30 minutes and meditate! 🙂

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