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Padlet vs. Lino

I’ve been thinking about padlet all year- actually since I used it during the national writing project this past summer. But I just haven’t figured out what to use it for and how to use it.

Still tossing it about, but now that we are a 1:1 classroom ( did I mention that already?) :), I’m thinking it’s much more possible!!!

Then someone thought in the Lino site. Have you heard of it?

I did a little searching- not too much because I’m rather tired- and found this comparison chart that someone had made.


Here’s the link to this pdf comparison chart:


Still don’t know which one would be more user friendly or beneficial.

BUT- very excited to try both of them out at some point!

2 thoughts on “Padlet vs. Lino

  1. I’ve used padlet with my students (when it was wallwisher) as a brainstorming tool and launching point for collecting and sharing some information about a topic. Kids loved it. I have not used Lino before, so I can’t say. But I know with padlet, I liked that I could embed the padlet right into our classroom blog site directly, so that it became part of our home.

    • Kevin,

      So what type of file would you embed it/upload it as? A jpg?

      I think we’re going to try it this week with a non academic topic 1st to try it out!! 🙂

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