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Jodi Picoult Books

Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors because of her ability to write about such heartfelt real life issues- usually controversial ones or ones that can be discussed at length with many viewpoints!

And her writing style is just breathtaking.

Oh, and her talent for creating such in depth characters. Sometimes I love em. Sometimes I don’t. But they are always true to life.

Since I have elevated her to star status, let me show you what I just bought myself for my birthday.


Now- which one do I dig into first?

The lesson plans and stack of papers to grade will just have to wait until tomorrow!

16 thoughts on “Jodi Picoult Books

  1. I have no suggestions as to which to read first, but I just wanted to comment that I’m also a big fan of her books. I wouldn’t consider her one of my all-tim favorite authors, however, I always enjoy her stories. She’s a good go-to author when I’m having a book slump.

  2. Wow, Shannon, nice birthday 🙂 When is it, btw? Happy Birthday for whichever day! 😀

    A friend of a friend highly recommended Jodi Picoult’s books, describing the language of books as really beautiful. I wanted to try one out—just one—but was unable to pick the one I thought I would enjoy most. I want to at least like the main character and I don’t want anything TOO controversial. Is there one you’d recommend?

    • I don’t know if I can pinpoint one. They all seem to have characters that I have a love/hate relationship with. 🙂

      I’m about to start The Storyteller!!! Excited about this one!!

      Maybe start with The Pact??

  3. I am also a HUGE Jodi Picoult fan! Ditto on everything you said above. Have you read The Pact. That’s also a good one. There’s so many of her books on my wishlist to read, but I haven’t gotten to all of them.

    I just read The Tenth Circle and The Storyteller this year. I enjoyed both for different reasons, but you should definitely read The Tenth Circle first. It would be more appropriate for this time of year. I think it is actually mainly set in the late fall/early winter. Also-out of the two, I enjoyed The Tenth Circle much more! I even took post-it notes on the side and used examples to teach cliff-hanger and foreshadowing in my class. I definitely toned the story down, but my students really liked hearing about it, and they would ask for updates as I continued reading. (I read it in September and October of this year.)

    Let me know how you like it. 🙂

    • Lisa,

      Yes, I’ve read The Pact-heart wrenching! I just started The Storyteller tonight. Love reading about the holocaust so I’m hoping to really enjoy this one.

      Finished Perfect Match yesterday-it was one of those kind of books that made me antsy and angry!

      • Shannon, is it in a “Bella” kind of way? I read the Twilight series, enjoyed the first book, but she annoyed me more and more as the series went on, and I was ultimately really disappointed with the series anyway. Glad I read it just to “know,” but ugh! lol

      • I’m not sure if I can compare Nina in Perfect Match to Bella- maybe? Of course, I fell in love with the Twilight series (about 2 years after the fact) so I might not be objective enough. 🙂

        I don’t think I EVER really liked the character of Nina!

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