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Holiday Visiting Stress

I’m SURE this NEVER happens in your family. Having to be at 87 different places for the holidays? šŸ™‚

Our 3 kids are now living on their own. They’re not married yet (thank goodness) :), but it’s still hard to get everyone together for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Last year we decided to do a Christmas breakfast on Christmas morning so the rest of the day they could either be with us or with other family. We’re doing it again this year. But in reality, how long will this new tradition last? What about when they DO get married? Have kids?

Yes, we all go through this. So here’s a little encouragement for you during this time of JOYOUS STRESS. šŸ™‚

I’ve subscribed to a site that offers daily encouragement for women from the bible. (Men can benefit, too). šŸ™‚ PROVERBS 31 MINISTRY

This one soothed my soul.

The Pull To Be Everywhere During The Holidays

2 thoughts on “Holiday Visiting Stress

  1. I totally understand what you’re talking about. Holidays are supposed to be a joyous time but are so stressful. Too many places to be at once! I wish I had a solution that would take the stress out and still make everybody happy.

    If you find one, please share!!

    Merry Christmas!!

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