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16 thoughts on “Hot Mess

  1. Exactly what my desk looks like. My blog post have been suffering as well. With district tests 2 days this week I can’t wait for the week to end so I can have Spring Break. Then two weeks after that State testing. I am ready for all testing to be over.

    • Sandra, Are you on break yet? I am, and it was much needed! Our state tests are at the end of April, but only for 2 days!

  2. Don’t even mention spring breaks! Some of us don’t get them. But we’re not jealous. Nope. No way. Uh-uh. Oh my word, do I wish we had one. And we have state testing in a week. So, does my table look like yours? Yup!
    I think we’re all feeling it just a bit right now. Ready for some sunny weather and a chance to spend time outdoors!
    Okay, I’m done whining. For today, anyway! 🙂

    • Marion, Y’all really don’t get a spring break? I thought all schools put this in their calendar!!! Wow!! I’m on mine right now. THANKFULLY!

    • Mrs. Dyer, I am definitely going to map things out better this summer for next year!!! So I can breathe during the year! Lol!

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