Running #500in2014

Well, it’s the halfway mark for 2014. Time to reassess my running goals for the year.

My goal was to run/walk 500 miles this year. I’m at 120. Gah!!!! Um, I think I’m a little behind.

BUT- last year I only ran 150 miles for the WHOLE YEAR! So I’m still ahead of that!

If I’ve calculated correctly, then in order to meet my goal I will need to run/walk about 63-64 miles each month for the next 6 months. Which equals about 16-17 miles each week.

Can I do this? You bet your bottom dollar I can.

Do I want to do this? Absolutely.

Will I do this? That is the question.

I need some motivation so please feel free to sprinkle some inspirational comments around!


Number Sense Everyday

I worked in my classroom some yesterday. Gah- I’ve got SO much to do!!! One thing at a time……….

I’m wanting to implement a 10 or so minute number sense routine each day to help build their understanding of number quantity and decomposing numbers. Here’s the area on my board that we will work with. I’m also going to put some little posters around the 100 chart of math strategies. For example, draw a picture, use manipulatives, etc.

Does anyone else do this or something similar to this?????


Rate Your Writing

I found this awesome set of posters to use with my kids so they can SEE what good writing looks like and learn to self assess their own writing independent of me.


You can get your own set at Sugar and Spice! Wasn’t she so nice to make these for everyone? 🙂

Has anyone else used something like this in their classroom? How did you implement it with the kids? Was it effective?

Reading Challenge Drought


Use your detective skills and tell me what’s wrong with this picture please.

Don’t see it? Well, let me help you out a little.


Oh, my word!

So let me explain. I’ve been busy. With school, family, I wish I could say running, and God. 🙂

And even though I’m not going to give any of that up- I am going to get back on track with reading more. I’m craving it. 🙂

I’m now on book #10 of the Left Behind series and have 2 more to go after this one. And let me tell you- I can’t wait to read that last one!!!!!!!!!!! So this series has taken up my reading time lately.

I’ve got to get my game on with some picture books. And PD books. Oh, my! I haven’t read one PD book this summer!!! Can you believe it?

So- here we go. Maybe I should start a PD book and check some picture books out of the library before I finish this series.

If I could just add about 7-8 more hours into the day!! 🙂

Happy reading!