July Miles & #500in2014

I was a running slacker.

But not this past month!!!

78.3 miles for July!!!!

My total so far this year is 199.2.

I’m still way behind my goal of 500 miles, but I’m way ahead of where I was! 🙂


Here are 2 things I did to change my running:

1. Made it a priority again. (Duh)
2. I walk the 1st half mile EVERYTIME!

Walking the 1st .5 makes it easier to keep going since it gets me warmed up. It has proven to be magical for my running further!!

I sure hope I can keep it up in August! Especially since I start back to school on Monday!

How is your running going?

Nike + App Enlightening

Well, folks, I learned something new this week. Which is really nothing new because I’m always learning.

But what makes this so special is that I SHOULD HAVE LEARNED THIS A LONG TIME AGO!!!!!

My nike + app on my phone that I use when I run that I’VE HAD FOR WAY OVER A YEAR can add your stats on a picture from your camera photo roll!!!

How about that?!?!??!?

Oh, you already knew? Yeah, so did the majority of the world. Except me. Lol!

This pretty much made my day when I found out. 🙂

I’m on it now!!!




What app do you use when you’re running?

Spiritual Journey Link Up

This is my 1st time linking up with Holly at Reading, Teaching, Learning for her Spiritual Journey Thursday link up.


Her post today is about looking to the eternal instead of the external in reference to beauty. Mine is completely different.

I wasn’t going to take the time to post, because I’m headed to the hayfield. BUT after my morning devotion there was no way I could NOT post! 🙂

My devotion this morning was about being like a child and trusting Jesus.

Mark 10:14


My devotion this morning:


Comes from this book:


So I read the devotion, read the scripture, and prayed.

Then as I was perusing Facebook, what did I come across?




I see God in everything I do now. He is with me at all times. I am full of joy because of him.

And THAT is my Spiritual Journey Thursday y’all! 🙂

Have a great and joy filled Thursday!

Reading chairs and Number cards

Worked in my classroom a little yesterday. Accomplished pretty much nothing. Lol. Oh, yes I did- I made a huge mess!!

Excuse the disastrous table, but aren’t those stools so cute? They cheer me up just looking at them!!

I bought 4 adorable magnetic erasers for my whiteboard.

And I put the number cards up that I bought from Jen at Hello Literacy. She has them on TPT!

Here’s her fabulous blog:

Hello Literacy




Has anyone else been working in their classrooms???

Faithfully Fit, Superintendent, & Organizing

How blessed I am to teach in the great state of Alabama right now!!

This is why:


Jennifer Hogan, a dynamic educator I follow on twitter, made this graphic to express the awesome belief of our state school superintendent!

Thanks, Jennifer!


And thanks, Dr. Bice!!

I reorganized my closet yesterday.



Now THAT’S a workout!! Whew! Glad to be done with it. I’ll tackle that too shelf sometime later this century!

I couldn’t believe I still had the energy for a 2 mile run, AND I went to my 1st ever Faithfully Fit class last night. It. Was. Awesome. An hour of aerobics (think Zumba) to praise and worship music followed by heartfelt praying at the end!!

This was the bible verse she handed out, and I also got a HE LIVES bracelet for being a 1st timer.


I can’t wait to go back! What’s better than exercising and praising God at the same time?? NOTHING! 🙂

Here’s one of the songs we danced to:

And now I’m off to work in my classroom later today!! I have SO MUCH TO DO!! 🙂