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Reading chairs and Number cards

Worked in my classroom a little yesterday. Accomplished pretty much nothing. Lol. Oh, yes I did- I made a huge mess!!

Excuse the disastrous table, but aren’t those stools so cute? They cheer me up just looking at them!!

I bought 4 adorable magnetic erasers for my whiteboard.

And I put the number cards up that I bought from Jen at Hello Literacy. She has them on TPT!

Here’s her fabulous blog:

Hello Literacy




Has anyone else been working in their classrooms???

2 thoughts on “Reading chairs and Number cards

  1. We’ve been banished from out classrooms this summer as they are working on our entire AC system. They had to dig up the grounds and we had to pack up our entire rooms because they would be in and out. One of the units is right outside my doors so I had to pack up close to 2000 books and lock them away to keep them safe. Hopefully they will let us back in in the next two weeks. Otherwise it will be horrible trying to get things done in two days. We go back on a Tuesday and have school and district meetings all day, we get to work in our classes Wednesday and Thursday and have department meetings, then we have school and district meetings on Friday then school will start the following Monday. I have been working on lessons, etc. at home this summer.

    • Sandra- I could NOT imagine not having access to my classroom over the summer even though I’m a bad procrastinator. 🙂 Hopefully they will get finished soon!!! I still have SO much to do!!!

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