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Spiritual Journey Link Up

This is my 1st time linking up with Holly at Reading, Teaching, Learning for her Spiritual Journey Thursday link up.


Her post today is about looking to the eternal instead of the external in reference to beauty. Mine is completely different.

I wasn’t going to take the time to post, because I’m headed to the hayfield. BUT after my morning devotion there was no way I could NOT post! 🙂

My devotion this morning was about being like a child and trusting Jesus.

Mark 10:14


My devotion this morning:


Comes from this book:


So I read the devotion, read the scripture, and prayed.

Then as I was perusing Facebook, what did I come across?




I see God in everything I do now. He is with me at all times. I am full of joy because of him.

And THAT is my Spiritual Journey Thursday y’all! 🙂

Have a great and joy filled Thursday!

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Journey Link Up

  1. Shannon, Thank you so much for linking up today! I love the direction your post took – childlike faith is so important. This is so wonderful: “I see God in everything I do now. He is with me at all times. I am full of joy because of him.”

  2. Shannon, so wonderful to see when everything that you do, just comes together! Childlike faith! We all need more of it!

    • Michelle- It’s my first devotional book so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I love it. Each day gives a scripture, a little story, and a prayer!! 🙂

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