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July Miles & #500in2014

I was a running slacker.

But not this past month!!!

78.3 miles for July!!!!

My total so far this year is 199.2.

I’m still way behind my goal of 500 miles, but I’m way ahead of where I was! 🙂


Here are 2 things I did to change my running:

1. Made it a priority again. (Duh)
2. I walk the 1st half mile EVERYTIME!

Walking the 1st .5 makes it easier to keep going since it gets me warmed up. It has proven to be magical for my running further!!

I sure hope I can keep it up in August! Especially since I start back to school on Monday!

How is your running going?

8 thoughts on “July Miles & #500in2014

    • Thanks, Lisa! You rocked your mileage, too! I’m shooting for 100 in August, but I’m REALLY worried about keeping it up when school starts. 🙂

      • WHhhaaaaaaatttttttttt? FIRST grade? Isn’t it odd that makes me miss you?! Be sure you are following Lisa Mattes from Growing Firsties (I met her this summer. What a sweetie!) and, of course, the Moffatt Girls and Teeny Tiny Teacher (I’m sure you are already friends with all three!) Sending you happy thoughts for your new year. We don’t got back until September. But it will be a 5/6 combo. YIKES! Big hugs sent your way, Shannon!


      • Today was the 1st day. I’m EXHAUSTED! Lol! I follow the tiny teacher-I’ll have to check out the other 2! I hope you have a great year with 5/6 grade. Both in the same class or different classes?

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