Praise Fitness, Running, Reading

A good friend started a Praise Fitness class at our church on Mondays and Thursdays. Tonight was our 1st one, and we ROCKED it. 🙂 Danced to Toby Mac, Mandisa, Hillsong!!


I was feeling frisky (did I just really use that word??) before the class so I ran/walked a mile.

Ummm- I’m feeling it already. 🙂


Earlier today I worked on some school stuff and read. I finished SNAPPED by Laura Griffin. 5 of 5 stars.

And look y’all- she tweeted me back!!!


It was a great day out of school!!!

Reading YA & My First Run

Have you ever done a Goodreads reading challenge? My goal for the last several years was 200 books in a year, but I decreased it for this year to just 100. So right now I’m 2/100. 🙂

Here are the 2 Young Adult books I’ve read so far this year.


I liked both, but Cracked was my favorite. I REALLY liked it! 5 of 5 stars. Just a warning- it definitely has some spicy language.

One of my goals that I really want to stick with this year is to walk at least 1 mile everyday. In the past I’ve tried to run everyday- but that didn’t work. 🙂

By just walking I think I “might” be able to stick with it because I have a treadmill and I can read while I walk. BONUS!

We had a teacher workday today so I was back on a regular schedule. And an early schedule. And I DO mean early. Normally I roll (or jump frantically) out of bed during the week at about 6:20-6:30.

But since I’m going to attempt to walk my mile in the mornings before school AND read my bible I had to get up at 5:15!!!!

But I did it! I may or may not have looked like this turtle….


So this is what I got done be ogre arriving at school at 8:20:
Walked 1 mile, read 3 chapters in my bible and my devotional, wrote in my faith journal, made cornbread and white chicken chili to take to school, showered and dressed, and made my bed.

3 hours of stuff!

And then when I got home after school I RAN MY FIRST MILE FOR 2015!! Outside!!! 12:35. Woohoo!!!


And now the question I want to ask is:


Running & Walking in 2015


My #500in2014 ended like this-


Instead of dwelling on those pitiful months, I thought about the high mileage months. They were mostly when I was out of school and had more time. But look at September- that was a 50 mile month, too, and school was definitely in session. Lol!

So I’ve come to this conclusion:
It doesn’t just take desire, determination, and dedication. It takes PLANNING!! Deciding WHEN I’m going to do it AND THEN JUST DO IT!!

Which brings me to my plan for 2015. I’m starting out simple so I won’t get overwhelmed and drop it all.

I’m going to WALK 1 mile EVERY day. For 365 days. 365 miles. At least.

I can do that.

And I want to run 3 times each week. 3 times. That’s doable. I just have to PLAN when I’m going to do it.

Because I don’t want to be like Domo!!!!


And Day 3 of 2015 I’m at 3/365.

Happy, happy, happy!

What are your walking, running, or just movement goals?

Getting real at the end of 2014

I’m going to get real here for a minute. Maybe this is what someone else needs to hear. 2012 was a hard year. 2013 was a hard year. And most of 2014 was a hard year. And I mean hard. Difficult. Tough. Brought me to my knees kind of hard. Praying everyday with tears rolling down my face kind of hard. And in my praying to God I asked for 2 things:
1. That Taylor would come back to God.
2. That Taylor would come back to us.
Now I know that God answers prayers in 3 ways- Yes, Not yet, and No. And that it’s all in His timing.

After saying all that I will say this:


His answer to my ceaseless praying for these 2 requests was YES.

THIS is how I ended 2014. Listening and watching my daughter pray.

Thank. You. God.