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7 thoughts on “6th Grade Scott Foresman Reading Blog

  1. Will you continue to update your Scott Foresman stuff on your old blog or this one? I love all the things you post and create!

    • Lindsey,

      The only thing that I am going to put on my old blog is unit 6 stuff. I will not update it anymore after that. I’m not even going to be teaching reading next year-I will teach my homeroom English and 5th and 6th grade science! 🙂 However, I might be posting some reading stuff on my new blog since I am going to incorporate reading strategies into our science lessons. 🙂

  2. Hi there–I am a center based EBD teacher (grades 5-8) and I just found your (old) Scott Foresman blog. All I can say is THANK YOU for all the time and energy you put into that and BIG CHOCOLATE KISSES (in honor of Halloween) for putting it out in the world as a resource for teachers, just because. While I am required to teach grade level material, I am not provided all the resources I need to teach the material and your work is so very helpful in filling that gap. Thank you so much!

    • Rachel,

      I’m glad you found something useful! I don’t use the program anymore, but didn’t want to delete that blog. Wouldn’t it be nice if teachers could have input into a program? 🙂

      Thanks for your positive comments-they mean a lot. Of course, Hershey kisses would mean a lot as well. Lol!

  3. Scott,
    On your old blog your class read portions of a book each week. Did you have a copy of the book for each student or was this a center type activity? Thanks. Carrie

  4. I came across your old scott foresman blog while searching for a correlation chart between the 2008 reading assessment anchors and eligible content and the current common core standards. My teaching assignment has been switched to 5th and 6th grade reading with little preparation time. We have to use common core standards while writing our lesson plans and I am already playing catch up. Do you know of where I can find how the 2008 edition’s assessment anchors match up to common core standards? Any help is appreciated. I love your old blog; I’ll visit often!

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