Did you notice my title is 1:1?? That’s not a typo! My little 6th grade classroom is now a 1:1 classroom. We have a computer for every student!

A student’s family, who is involved with Winshape Homes, has made this happen!! From the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU!

I cannot express my appreciation enough! This is like a dream come true. Oh, the possibilities of what we can now do are endless.

We got them in the middle of the day today, went to lunch, and the kids were in then this afternoon. They entered all the product codes to set them up.

We gave mobymax.com a run for their money today. By the way, mobymax.com is WONDERFUL!!

We don’t have a system in place to house this many computers, so we have them spread around the room right now.




Aren’t they lovely?!?!?