1st Grade Love & Advent Day 15

Today was one of those days where I just seemed able to enjoy my 1st graders more than usual.


First thing this morning I got this from a parent. I LOVE parents like this!


And look at the illustrations that Krislyn made when she write about driving her car!


And snack time was full of creativity- which I’m not sure about you but is VERY lacking in our classroom because we have SO LITTLE TIME AND SO MUCH TO ACCOMPLISH. Insert sad face here.

Their sticks were having a party:


It was my birthday today. The big 44! And it was an AWESOME day!

God gets all the glory. For everything. But especially for giving us His son so that one day we can spend eternity with Him!


Advent Day 11, Dreads, and Smiles

I wonder if the innkeeper knew that Jesus was the Savior when he turned them away. Or did he realize it later?

God wants us to make room in our hearts for His son. I’m so glad I did this back in March!! No. Turning. Back. 🙂


One of my PRECIOUS 1st grade boys showed me his dreads today that he had been putting in his hair. I asked him to show me how he did it. And then I tried it out!



And then Jaydon wanted to pose for a picture, and I just couldn’t resist this sweet face!!


My heart felt full today-

Full of love for Christ and for these precious 1st graders!!!