How’s Your Reading Going?

We made a reading bulletin board today so we could keep up with each other as far as how many books we have read so far for the school year.

I now have 2 students who are ahead of me. One hasn’t put his sticky note up yet. Although I did question the # he is claiming. Should I do that??? It just seems hard to believe-27 books in 6 weeks of school. But the other students were believing him. Hmmmm….. I’ll be more observant and can’t wait to conference with him soon. 🙂


Christmas Bulletin Board

December has been my month the last couple of years to decorate the bulletin board in our hallway. Voila!



Thank you, Teresa, for coming along at the RIGHT time as I was STRUGGLING to get the garland stapled at the top!! 🙂

Being 5’1 is a problem sometimes. It’s good to know people. 🙂


Monday Made It Linky Party

You can link up and showcase whatever you have been working on for your classroom/school over at Tara’s 4th Grade Frolics fabulous blog and Monday Made It Linky Party!

I have made:

time for reading, supper, my 18 year old daughter mad at me, and my laundry able to fold itself (just joking!). 🙂

I made a NEW lesson plan template. Yes, again. I went to a 2 day workshop on content literacy and strategic teaching and FELL IN LOVE WITH STRATEGIC TEACHING!!! So I revised my lesson plan template to reflect this new love. Here it is if you want to use it, edit it, throw it away……


Here’s a pic of it-

If you want to read about strategic teaching you can visit this post or this one that I wrote earlier this week.

I also got 2 of my bulletin boards ready in my classroom. One is for my english anchor charts, and the other one will be for current events since I’m teaching a block of 5th grade english and 5th and 6th US history.

English bulletin board.

Current events bulletin board.

I am going for the simple black and white theme this year since I painted my walls a BRIGHT BLUE!!! Guaranteed to keep the kids awake during history! 🙂

What did you make this week?