3.1 Hilly Miles


I ran with my XC team at 8am this morning. Does that make me dedicated or stupid? You don’t really have to answer that. 🙂

We were wanting to run in a local 5k, but it got rescheduled and then it was too late to register for a cross country meet so I told them I would meet them at the school if they wanted to run-3 of them showed up. Now that’s dedication for a Saturday morning!

We ran our usual killer 3.1 mile course that we mapped out several weeks ago. The one with the kills hills. 7 of them. I think my time was 37:11? I felt good while I was running after I finished. 🙂 Actually I always feel better on that 3rd mile. Definitely NOT the 1st. It hates me, and I hate it!

After my run I had a banana for breakfast and sat in my car reading until the Peewee football game so I could cheer on some of my 5th graders. Watched it and then met my husband so we could spend quality time together work in the hayfield. I didn’t really have to do much when we 1st got there because the hay had to be raked by somebody, then hubby had to bale it before we could start loading it. YAY for me and my smartness. I remembered to bring a book to read. Even when I had to get up and do something I only had to throw a few on the trailer, stack some, and then I just drove the truck. 🙂 God was looking out for me! AND while I was stacking the hay on the trailer my leg only fell between the bales one time! Thought I was a goner.

Hubby went to work at 5pm, I got a dinner plate from the little grocery store deli 8 miles from my house, and proceeded to eat and read the rest of my book.

Now I’m sitting on the couch blogging at 8pm and not really planning on getting up anytime soon unless I need another diet pepsi!

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday night!

How fast is a mile?

How fast is a mile?

Well, it depends on who is running it. We timed our 1 mile runs around the track today at Cross Country practice. They did awesome!

Let me back up. When we started this cross country team NOBODY could run a mile without stopping. Talk about improvement!

Today’s 1 mile times:








Hooray!!! Oh yeah, my time was 9:43. Boooooooo! 🙂

We started off practicing once each week. Then increased it to 2 days each week. Eventually added 1 more day for a total of 3 days each week.

We only have 1 more meet this month before Sectionals at the beginning of November. We haven’t placed at any meet. We certainly haven’t won at any meet. BUT WE HAVE WON. These kids have done what it takes, and I can’t wait to keep on keeping on with them through the years to see where they end up. That 6:49 mile is an 8th grader. Boom. 🙂

So I’m starting to wonder about the time AFTER cross country ends since it’s a Fall sport. Do I continue to run with them 3 days each week all year long? Run once each week with them? Not run at all? Track and Field will begin in Jan/Feb and go through May. How would I do both at the same practice? Any suggestions?

And by the way-what’s your fastest mile???