3rd Annual #CyberPD-Share Your Stack June 12th

This is the 1st time I’ve participated in #CyberPD. I can’t wait to see what treasure gets chosen for us to read and discuss!

I took the following from Cathy’s blog to give you some information about this event, and you can head over to their blogs to read more about it:

Laura Komos at Our Camp Read-a-LotJill Fisch at My Primary Passion and Cathy at Reflect and Refine will be hosting #cyberPD.  CyberPD is an event in which educators read and discuss a shared professional book over a three week period in July.  Our first #cyberPD event was in 2011 and the number of participants has grown each year.

2011 #cyberPD:  Conferring:  The Keystone of Reader’s Workshop
2012 #cyberPD:  Opening Minds
2013 #cyberPD:  To Be Announced

So here’s my stack of PD books I would LIKE to read this summer. Get ready. Do you have your life jacket on? Because you are about to take the plunge. Dive in. 🙂


Voila. HAHAHAHA…..Like I will ever have time to read all of these. BUT-I have read Notice and Note (actually doing a twitter book chat on it #NNNchat June 13th and 20th at 8pm if anyone is interested). I’m reading Word Nerds. And I have read several of these several years ago and want to reread.

Don’t know if this is even possible, but I’m willing to give it a try…. 🙂

Of course, the whole month of June I’m involved with the National Writing Project which on one hand encourages me to read PD books, but on the other hand it’s taking up a lot of time. Well worth it though. Loving it. 🙂

Can’t wait to find out which book is picked for our #CyberPD book study. Always love reading AND discussing books!!!