Sorrow and joy

Today was a mixed bag of emotions. Joy for it being the last day of school. Sorrow to see the kids go.

We had a good time cleaning out and packing up. They REALLY helped me a lot! Even if I did have to become close friends with Aleve! 🙂

Toward the end of the day we played limbo. Well, they played, and I just fell!

And let me tell you, that concrete tiled floor does NOT give an inch!! 🙂

Some of the kids were pretty good!

Or maybe not! 🙂

This is what they left me with!

With 2 of my favorite ones:

Here we are ready for summer! Me and Mr. Brady!

Look closely at these next couple of pictures because the next time you see my room it will be a different color!!!!!

I am thinking I want to paint the walls a bright blue. Even though purple is my favorite color this lavender has completely started wearing on my nerves. Blah blah blah! I want to put some spunk back into my classroom! My principal said my room would be one of the first rooms to have the floors cleaned (YEA) so then I can start setting it back up for next year. I’m a freak-I know! My teaching partner has already pointed that out! 🙂

Any ideas on curtains?