Praise Fitness, Running, Reading

A good friend started a Praise Fitness class at our church on Mondays and Thursdays. Tonight was our 1st one, and we ROCKED it. 🙂 Danced to Toby Mac, Mandisa, Hillsong!!


I was feeling frisky (did I just really use that word??) before the class so I ran/walked a mile.

Ummm- I’m feeling it already. 🙂


Earlier today I worked on some school stuff and read. I finished SNAPPED by Laura Griffin. 5 of 5 stars.

And look y’all- she tweeted me back!!!


It was a great day out of school!!!

December Walking Challenge

Ok y’all. I have SERIOUSLY got to get some movement back in my life.

And not just from the couch to the refrigerator. I’ve got that kind down pat!!

Since my running challenges lately haven’t worked I thought maybe I would just try some walking. Anything is better than nothing!

So I figured that if I meditate enough on 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 that I might just feel motivated to get up and moving.

My challenge to myself is:


I’m going to try and walk a minimum of 25 miles this month.

I even created an event on my personal Facebook page to try and keep myself accountable. 🙂

I may walk .3 or .6 or 1 mile or 3 miles at a time. But I’m gonna MOVE!!!

You are welcome to join me!! The more the merrier!!

You can post your miles on my personal Facebook page or my I RUN READ TEACH Facebook page or even here on my blog. Or you don’t have to post at all if you don’t want to.

Feel free to use my challenge image if you want to!

Happy walking!

Trail walk

Yesterday I went on a trail walk at a local state park. It was 2.8 miles (I finished walking around the parking lot to make it an even 3). It was a BEAUTIFUL walk! I took pictures with my phone, but unfortunately I am technology challenged sometimes so I don’t have a clue as to how to get them on my blog! 🙂

I did not use my CardioTrainer app (don’t ask me why!), so I’m not sure what my pace was per mile or how many calories were burned. But I CAN tell you that this trail has A LOT of hills. That’s a good thing right? 🙂 The entire 3 miles took me about 54 minutes-I was not in a hurry. I think I might get addicted to this trail walking/hiking thing. AND-this park is only about 15 minutes from my house!

Anybody else out there that loves trail walks/hikes?

Total miles in 2012

I keep up with my mileage/workouts on this fantastic website called Daily Mile. You need to check it out. It’s like a social media fitness site.

Since I started walking/running on January 1st my total mileage for this year is………………………………….


Woohoo!! That’s 139 more miles than I have done in the last 15 years! I can’t wait to see my statistics at the end of this year. You better believe I’ll be posting them!

Oh yeah, the 20 minute jog

COUCH25K-Week 5-DAY 3




This was the day of the 20 minute jog (without stopping) that had butterflies in my stomach all day leading up to it! 🙂 I knew that if I couldn’t do it I would just reattempt it until I could. It’s not like the Couch25k Police were going to come and get me! But I REALLY wanted to be able to do it! AND I DID!!! I’m super pumped now and feel as if I am on top of the world! 🙂

Now I can’t wait to start week 6!

And after that 20 minute jog, I still went to a 2 hour zumba master class!!! It was a great Friday!

I am the 1st one on the back row. The one who’s head looks like  a football helmet because of the sweat! 🙂