Talk about tired…..

Each year around this time, my husband and I host a birthday party for his dad-who is now 82!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

We used to have it at our house, but then realized it is MUCH easier to just have it at the little community center in our town since at one time we had over 55 people in our house.

So my hubby grills the hamburgers/hotdogs on Sunday morning, and we have the party at 2pm. This year was a blast like all other years, and we are just glad that “Grandaddy”, as so many of us call him, is here with us.

I have been a part of this awesome family for more than 15 years now. They have been a blessing to me.

I won’t bore you with a lot of pictures-just 3 special ones.



Isn’t that a special number????



Look at all the grandkids love. They REALLY do love him, but I mean the cake was there. With candles. For them to blow on. 🙂



And here’s my other half. On the ground after doing a front roll. YES, I will be buying some ibuprofin tomorrow. LOL!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDADDY! Can’t wait  til next year-the big 83!!