My Other Blogs

You might want to look at my other blogs/websites (since I haven’t really gotten this one going so far-just wait for summer, though)!!!

This is my reading and writing blog where I am posting all kinds of thoughts/links, etc. on teaching, 6th grade, comprehension, etc.

This is my cooking blog-yes, I said cooking blog! 🙂 Well, I do cook sometimes!!

This is my OLD Kindergarten blog. I sort of stopped posting on this one after I found out I was moving to 6th grade. However, I do have plans to add some more stuff to this blog (again, this summer).

And-this is my 6th grade school/classroom website where I have uploaded some documents for parents to view as well as students.

Can you tell that I love to blog/teach? I think it is my addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂