My Letter of Resignation

Gotcha didn’t I??? 🙂

I found this blog post on a teacher’s blog who is currently over in Finland studying their education systems and LOVE IT-the sincerity of it, the passion behind it, the ideals it conveys.

Read it and tell me what you think!

My Letter of Resignation

What’s our future?

Our politicians worry me. Our legislative agenda in Alabama worries me. Even our governor of AL worries me. Check out his latest addition to his staff.

A 28 year old that taught in public schools for 2 whole years before working with Michele Rhee. She will be Gov. Bentley’s Education advisor. Do I need to move? What is going to happen with education in our state? There’s a big push for charter schools that will be evident in the upcoming legislative session. Charter schools that will be 100% funded through public education off the top AND will not have the same requirements that we have in public education. So let me get this straight. Our public schools (not all but a lot) are underfunded and understaffed. So now we are going to take money away from them and give to charter schools. Will charter schools segregate our schools once again? And maybe not just racially but what about social class? I just don’t see how charter schools will “FIX” our problems in education.

Here’s an interview with Diane Ravitch that explains how the corporate world REALLY wants to get their hands in education because of the money that can be made.

It’s just downright depressing! But somehow I’m going to put on my happy face and walk in my classroom on Monday with new energy and a refreshed outlook on my teaching. I’ve got to. For the kids’ sake. And maybe just to prove a point to our great leaders in the state of Alabama. I am smart. I work hard. I’m an effective teacher. My classroom rocks! 🙂

Here’s to you New York

Read this short article concerning what Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, thinks about his teachers.

Is Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, from the United States or Timbuktu? Or maybe a cave? Or from under a rock in the ground? Maybe we should have a multiple choice quiz that looks like this:

Based on this selection, which place did Michael Bloomberg come from that is best supported by the evidence of the text?

A. From under a rock

B. Outer space

C. Back from the dead after 200 years

D. All of the above

As you can tell from reading this article, all of the answers sound good. (Sort of like our weekly reading test answer choices!). 🙂

What is he thinking? So what he is saying is he thinks that I would do a great job if he fired my coworker (or vice versa), paid me both of the salaries, and let me have all 48 students in my 1 class? Really?

I don’t claim to know how to run a city (since my degree and experience are not in finance, business administration, public administration), just like he shouldn’t claim to know how to run a school or classroom (since his degree and experience is not in education, school administration).

This is what I have to say to Michael Bloomberg and all the other people who have these lamebrain ideas of how to teach “better”. Come visit my classroom. Not for a quick 30 minutes. Not even for a day. Those are just surface visits. Stay with me and my students for about 2 good solid weeks. All day. Everyday. Then we’ll talk! 🙂

AEA continues fight for public education

Today was day#74 at school, but I wasn’t there. 🙂

I’m at the Alabama Education Association Delegate Assembly in Montgomery, AL. I am on the AEA Board of Directors, and we had a meeting this morning (and 1/2 of the afternoon :)) to vote on a replacement for Dr. Hubbert and Dr. Reed who have both been with AEA for over 40 years and have fought long and hard to make AEA what it is today!

Greg Graves will replace Dr. Reed, and Dr. Henry Mabry will replace Dr. Hubbert. They both have BIG shoes to fill!!!

Here’s the link to the news article concerning the replacement choices from WSFA’s website (my favorite local news channel-they are so PRO public education!).

We have a huge fight on our hands already with the legislative session coming up in the new year-lots of anti-education bills. But we are strong and we are determined to fight for educators, support personnel, and the children of Alabama!!!!!! 🙂

Is social media correspondence wrong for teachers?

A colleague of mine sent me this news article about a new law that is being passed in the state of Missouri banning private correspondence between teachers and students-current students and all former students who are still minors. Here is the link to this interesting and very controversial law:

What are your thoughts? Do you think that teachers should not be allowed to have correspondence through social media like Facebook? Do you think that it takes away freedom to speech?

Very. Thought-provoking.