School Christmas Happenings

We had a Christmas breakfast get together this morning, this glorious last day of school before Christmas break.

I’m the one in the left with the blue Rudolph shirt in. Belinda, the red head on the right, is my best friend.

The one in the back is our assistant principal. 🙂


Look at the spread we had.


Here’s a pic of some of the other staff.


Most everyone else had their Christmas party in the classroom yesterday, but the other 6th grade teacher and I decided to have ours today.

Here’s evidence of the good good we HAD:


And to all a good night!

Hand Art

I did not post last night- tired would be a good descriptive word to use. 🙂

So here’s a quick one to get caught back up, and later tonight if the tired bug doesn’t hit me again, you can look forward to some math small group information!!!! 🙂

So for this quickie- look at what 2 of my girls made last week while I was at a conference. VERY cool!


Thanksgiving Randomness

My side of the family got together tonight for our Thanksgiving meal. We ate at Longhorn Steakhouse- this is 3rd year we’ve decided to eat out instead of at one of our homes.

It was a fun time as usual. So fun that we forgot to take a picture. Yep. Why do I seem to end up always forgetting???

So here’s a picture I took when I got home after doing some laundry. A friend had borrowed our tent paid me back with this:


I LOVE it! And it ended up matching my laundry room PERFECTLY!

So I asked her if she needed to borrow anything else!!!! 🙂

I’m now sitting here about to dive back into a mystery I started this morning. On the other hand, I’m trying to decide what online math site I want to use for my 6th graders to practice with. I’m wanting something common core aligned, visually appeasing, shows me progress, and easy to use and navigate.

I’ve heard about ten marks so I’ll be checking it out. Have thought about khan academy as well.

Any ideas or suggestions?

We only go to school 2 days this week and will be out for Thanksgiving Wednesday-Sunday. Yippee!! I’m looking forward to some down time!

I want to go shopping. Gasp! Did I just day that?? I’m not a shopper. But I want some new curtains and pillows for our living room!

Well, I guess that’s about all of the randomness you can stand for one post. 🙂

Have a great Monday!


I’m a tad bit overwhelmed right now. Anyone else with me on that? I’m just so tired of thinking. I think I do it too much. See- I can’t even write a sentence without using the word-think!!!!!

No wonder teachers teach straight from the textbook-workbook and use worksheets!!!!! And multiple choice and fill in the blank and matching test questions!! I mean our school just bought a scantron machine!!!!!

I’m. So. Tired.

Are you??