School Christmas Happenings

We had a Christmas breakfast get together this morning, this glorious last day of school before Christmas break.

I’m the one in the left with the blue Rudolph shirt in. Belinda, the red head on the right, is my best friend.

The one in the back is our assistant principal. 🙂


Look at the spread we had.


Here’s a pic of some of the other staff.


Most everyone else had their Christmas party in the classroom yesterday, but the other 6th grade teacher and I decided to have ours today.

Here’s evidence of the good good we HAD:


And to all a good night!

Hand Art

I did not post last night- tired would be a good descriptive word to use. 🙂

So here’s a quick one to get caught back up, and later tonight if the tired bug doesn’t hit me again, you can look forward to some math small group information!!!! 🙂

So for this quickie- look at what 2 of my girls made last week while I was at a conference. VERY cool!