Science Research

As some of you know already, this year a co-worker and I decided to try something different in science this year.

Instead of the traditional method of textbook reading, lecture, vocabulary, study guides, followed by a test- we have left it more open ended and formed research teams.

Our students are grouped into teams of 3-4. We have them create outline, research topics, take notes in outline, write it out. Markus, my co-worker, has done the traditional essay format while I’ve changed it up some with reflections, mini-books, recipes.

Sometimes there’s a topic that I feel should just be considered like a mini topic. Constellations was one of these.

So instead of the entire research process, we read a short informational text to figure out why we see different constellations at different times of the year. We had different opinions in why after reading. SO- I told them to use their textbook to see if they could clarify and then sketch their opinion on the board. This is what that looked like.


All in all it was an energetic science time with lots of reading closely(rereading) and a competitive spirit in the atmosphere.

Will have to do this again!