Running & Walking in 2015


My #500in2014 ended like this-


Instead of dwelling on those pitiful months, I thought about the high mileage months. They were mostly when I was out of school and had more time. But look at September- that was a 50 mile month, too, and school was definitely in session. Lol!

So I’ve come to this conclusion:
It doesn’t just take desire, determination, and dedication. It takes PLANNING!! Deciding WHEN I’m going to do it AND THEN JUST DO IT!!

Which brings me to my plan for 2015. I’m starting out simple so I won’t get overwhelmed and drop it all.

I’m going to WALK 1 mile EVERY day. For 365 days. 365 miles. At least.

I can do that.

And I want to run 3 times each week. 3 times. That’s doable. I just have to PLAN when I’m going to do it.

Because I don’t want to be like Domo!!!!


And Day 3 of 2015 I’m at 3/365.

Happy, happy, happy!

What are your walking, running, or just movement goals?