We love our soldiers

Before we got of school for Christmas vacation, well a good ways before we got out (I’m such a procrastinator), we made Christmas cards and sent to a group of soldiers over in Iraq. We also collected goodies to ship to them as a care package to let them know how much we care about them and what they have chosen to do. 🙂 AND-we sent a flag hoping that they would make a picture with it and fly it for us over there!



We have asked them to make a picture with the flag, sign some kind of sheet of paper, and mail the flag back to us so we can display it at our school.

The 5th and 6th graders really got into this project. One of them drew and colored a Christmas tree on the front of their card and put American flags as the ornaments. They put a lot of effort into the cards (most of them!).

I showed them this little video of a song by Billy Ray Cyrus to try and get them connected with the soldiers before we made the cards.

WARNING-This is a tearjerker video! 🙂