Book Challenge-#46

Only 4 more books to go to meet my challenge for this summer! Will I make it before school starts next Thursday??? I wonder if book titles count??!! 🙂

I read this book last night after working in my classroom all day (and not really feeling like I got much done!).

The Boy Who Loved Words by Giselle Potter


This would be a GREAT read aloud for a mini-lesson on word awareness (word study) OR word choice in their writing!

Spelling Instruction

I ran across this document on the internet that is an excerpt of an article about spelling instruction in language arts classrooms. It has some good lists of words (commonly misspelled words for 1-8)-root words list, etc. It also has some good ideas for spelling instruction and how to make it more individualized. It mentioned the research on how weekly memorized lists do not make a child a better spelling.

I am going to have my 6th graders keep a word study/spelling notebook next year and will use some of the ideas from this article.



Coming Soon-Spelling Word Cards

I will be uploading spelling word cards for each unit of Scott Foresman Reading Street(6th grade) over the next week so so. These could be used to put in a pocketchart each week or anything else you can think of! I have said that next year I am going to change my spelling instruction-still not sure how yet. I’ll let you know when I figure it out! 🙂 But for those of you that will continue to give the spelling list each week with a Thursday or Friday spelling test-I’ll put these cards out there for you soon! 🙂