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Comprehension Strategies

I will use this page to put stuff about the reading comprehension strategies that we use in our classroom.

This was something I used when I taught 6th grade reading.

Here is the comprehension thinking sheet that the kids have to do each week for homework. They complete 1 box each night on the book they are reading. Our homework is Monday-Thursdays.

Comprehension Thinking Sheet word

Comprehension Thinking Sheet2 pdf (revised)

 Here is a student example of the comprehension thinking sheet on the book Love, Aubrey.

There are 4 boxes on the sheet-2 of them are the same -comprehension strategy boxes. Here is how they complete each box.

Comprehension strategy boxes-They have to write about a comprehension strategy that they used while they were reading.

Thoughts/Reflections box-They write their thoughts about the book. They tell if they like it or not and why or why not.

Literary Elements/Devices box-They write about the plot, or a character, or the setting of the book.

All of these things should help them each week when they get ready to write their reading response letter to me about their book which is due each week for a 100 point grade.

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