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Grammar Practice

This is going to be our “quick” repetitive grammar practice each day at the very beginning of class. I will have a sentence on the board, and they will work with the same sentence ALL week Mon-Thurs figuring out the parts of speech, sentence parts, and sentence types. They will have a quiz on Fridays. Each day they will label a different thing on the sentence. This is what I “think” the agenda will look like:

Monday-label parts of speech

Tuesday-Label sentence parts

Wednesday-Label sentence types

Thursday-Talk about the capitalization and punctuation and review what we have done for the week


The sentence for the week will already have the correct capitalization and punctuation, and we will just discuss the rules as we study the sentence.

The quiz on Friday will consist of a completely new sentence that is in the same format as the sentence we have worked with all week. They will have to label EVERYTHING on this sentence. 🙂

So, here are the 2 documents that we will use ALL year. The 1st one has all of the notes that they will refer to during the week to help them label the sentence. The 2nd one has all of the sentences we will be working with for the year. I just pulled most of these sentences out of our english workbook (maybe changed some of them a little). 🙂 I’m uploading word and pdf versions for you. These have been adapted from things I found on the internet. I made mine a little simpler for 6th grade.

daily-grammar-practice-think-sheet word

daily-grammar-practice-think-sheet pdf

Daily Grammar Practice sentences word

Daily Grammar Practice sentences pdf

Here are some other websites that you can visit to see how they have structured their daily grammar practice time.




Just a side note here:

I will also be doing english mini-lessons with my kids periodically throughout the year, but this will be the bulk of our “practice” time. All other english “stuff” will be incorporated into our writing! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Grammar Practice

  1. I want to make sure I have all the right answers for the Daily Grammar Sentences. Do you have a teacher copy of the answers?

  2. Your resources are great! Thank you! I am a brand, spanking new 6th grade teacher in Alabama, so your blog is extremely helpful. I also just finished reading “The Book Whisperer” by Donalyn Miller, and I see you have made her instructional strategies work fabulously, which is great news for me because I cannot wait to get started using them! I’ll be attempting to make some running goals as well. 🙂 I’m getting married in December and need to do some “sweating for the wedding”. Hah!

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