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  1. Hey… I am a second year pre -service teacher from Queensland Australia and mommy of 5 beautiful children. I love life and am passionate about teaching. MOST importantly … I LOVE JESUS…. God called me to be a teacher and wants to use me where they do not what HIM to be… I am soo excited. I am going to homeschool my 11 year old son till I graduate to help him get ahead as he is struggling with his literacy and schooling and am excited to incorporate the daily 5 and cafe. I am busy compiling his curriculum and would love to use some of your resources if it is ok. I will be able to cross check with our Australian Curriculum and implement the lessons.. very excited about it…
    I have just started my online portfolio at: http://www.lifeofaneducator.wordpress.com (still new to this and a freshly squeezed lemon and sooo much to still learn..)

    • Congrats on becoming a teacher!! It’s such an awesome job to have and so full of satisfaction!! You are more than welcome to use anything you see to help your son and when you get a classroom of your own!! 🙂 Let’s keep in touch!

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